Angela’s Boudoir Portraits | Indianapolis

boudoir-photography-indianapolis-angela-bl boudoir-portraits-angela-bl
Gorgeous Angela! Love her pictures, and her kind words about her Haute Mama experience:

“The total experience was great. From the time I booked the appointment you made sure I had ideas, links, descriptions of what to do and what to expect. You made our experience comfortable and we enjoyed every moment.

The pictures were hard to believe. What you were able to catch with your camera is amazing. My husband and I are very happy with all the pictures and the price.

Overall I would recommend every women do this not only for their significant other but for themselves. It’s given me confidence to love the body I’m in. Thank you for being apart of this.”

You’re welcome Angela! If you would like to schedule your own boudoir portrait session, give me a call or email.

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Renee | Boudoir Photography | Indianapolis

boudoir lingerie photographs of renee lingerie-photography-carmel-in-renee-bl
Renee’s got a wonderful surprise for her husband this Valentine’s Day! Boudoir portraits are a unique and wonderful gift. If you would like to schedule a boudoir portrait session, give me a call, I’m happy to chat! To see more lingerie photography in Indianapolis, visit our boudoir portrait gallery.

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boudoir pictures of janlingerie photography indianapolis

Jan’s husband is in for a wonderful surprise this Valentine’s Day.  She checked an item off her bucket list by coming in for her boudoir portrait session.  How did her portrait session go?  Here’s what Jan had to say:  ”Thank you for helping me to look fab in during my boudoir photo session today. I can’t wait to share the photo book with my husband.My experience was extremely comfortable. This was my first time taking boudoir photos and my first time meeting Leah. I felt like I’d known her forever….felt like talking to a friend and with her directions for the photos, it was fun and easier than I expected.  I felt that I looked sexy in my photos. I loved the shots that were captured!”  Thanks Jan!

Want to schedule your own boudoir portrait session?  Call the Indianapolis-area studio at 317-867-3723.

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Carol | Indianapolis Boudoir Photography


Carol’s looked absolutely stunning for her boudoir portrait session. I’m sure her man was thrilled! Want to surprise your guy for Valentine’s Day? Call the studio and ask about our boudoir portrait specials. Want to see more Indianapolis boudoir photography? Visit our portrait gallery.

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Boudoir Photography | Indianapolis Photographer | Gift Idea

Boudoir party Indianapolis Tracy
Looking for a way to set his stocking on fire this Christmas? Now until the end of November, take advantage of our holiday special. A 30-minute, 3-outfit session and 12 digital images (enough to make an adorable 2016 calendar) for just $350. Call Leah to book. 317-867-3723. If you would like to see more Indianapolis Boudoir Photography, visit our portrait gallery.

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Kelli | Indianapolis Boudoir Photography

boudoir photography in indianapolis and carmel indianapolis-boudoir-photography-bl

Wow – I almost posted Kelli’s boudoir portraits on my senior portrait website.  That would have been a bit awkward!  Anyhoo, quickly discovered my mistake.  Love that she brought her man’s guitar to her session.  What a great way to really personalize a boudoir portrait session.

To see more boudoir photography in Indianapolis, visit my portrait gallery. 

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Crystal’s Boudoir Portraits | Indianapolis Photography

lingerie-photography-indiana-crystallindianapolis-boudoir-photography-crystal Meet Crystal, who did a boudoir session for her husband’s birthday. “I definitely liked more than I thought I would. I think my husband will like the outcome as well.” I’m sure he will Crystal! If you would like to book a boudoir portrait session, click here.

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Trying to reach Haute Mama Photography?

Hi-ho everyone.  The studio phone is not working this afternoon.  Brighthouse is working on the problem, but if you need to get a hold of me, email me at Thanks!

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Theresa | Indianapolis Boudoir Photography

boudoir-photography-indianapolis-theresa-bk lingerie-photo-indianapolis-theresa-blLoved that Theresa brought her husband’s guitar to her boudoir portrait session.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience:  “I’m 38, married to the best husband for 15 years. I may not love everything about my body, but it’s mine, and he loves me unconditionally, so let’s go for it.  You saw the woman I am in my mind, not the one that goes to work all day and worries about lists and deadlines. You helped me bring her to the surface and that’s a wonderful gift, one I didn’t expect.”  Thanks Theresa!

If you’re interested in having a boudoir photography session in Indianapolis, click here to contact me.

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Brandi | Indianapolis Boudoir Photography

indianapolis-boudoir-photography-brandi lingerie-photography-indianapolis-brandi Still on the fence about having boudoir portraits taken? Maybe Brandi can talk you into it: “It was a wonderful experience. I was very nervous going in, but Leah was so professional and comfortable and the nerves went away once we got started. I loved that it was very private and i wasn’t walking around other clients while doing the outfit changes. I was amazed by how much was able to be squeezed into such a short amount of time. The whole experience made me feel great about myself, made me feel beautiful and sexy. I LOVED my portraits! They turned out better than I ever could have imagined. I would encourage every woman to get these portraits taken at least once in their life!”

Want to hear from more of my Indianapolis Boudoir Clients? Click here.

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