Sweet Little “Thank You” | Indianapolis Boudoir Photography

Got this sweet little note last night from Latrice, who stopped by the portrait studio yesterday for her boudoir portrait session:

“I wanted to thank you for my session today!  I’ve spent a lot of time obsessing over how my body used to look before my health problems started a few years ago and it was taking a toll on the intimate side of my relationship.  I hoped boudoir portraits would bring me out of my ‘funk” and open up an appreciation for who I am today.  In one afternoon, you helped me bring my sexy back and for that I am very grateful.  When my boyfriends gets the photos for his birthday, he’ll be pleasantly surprised and wowed!  The pictures are wonderful!  It was hard to narrow them down!  While I don’t envy models, I am glad to have been one for a while today!  I loved the experience so much I think I may try it again before my 40th birthday!  I will definitely sing your praises to my friends and encourage them to sign up for a session!  Thanks again!  Latrice

Hey Latrice – so glad I could help you get your mojo back.  Can’t wait to hear what your guy thinks about your portraits!  ;)


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