Boudoir Brags

“My jaw hit the floor when I opened the photo book with all of my photos. You did the best job at capturing me exactly the way I wanted to be! I wanted to see a beautiful sexy woman instead of the yoga-pants wearing mom and wife I see a lot. Thank you!! I cannot wait for my husband to open this on Christmas (privately, of course) and see his expression! Thank you again so much!” -Taryn

“Leah, I got my pics. Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness. Sakes!!!! I love you!!!!! Seriously….pics are great. Thank you!” -Sarah

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful session! After 3 kids, I have a very hard time finding myself attractive. But after I saw my pictures, I almost cried! Though I’m not perfect, I loved how I looked and felt proud to show my husband the pictures!!! You were fantastic and have me tons of confidence to get great pictures and poses! Thank you so much for your gift of photography!” -Valerie

“I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how very much I LOVE my photos.  I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I have had a decent picture of myself, let alone a truly amazing picture, thank you so much.  I took one of the photos and cropped it up to my face and am using it for my facebook profile, I have had so much positive feedback from it, words like “stunning” and “gorgeous” were used when I put it up.  People usually only reserve those words for my children, never for me.  It is an amazing feeling, thank you,thank you, thank you!!!” -Noelle

“Leah – I just wanted to say thanks again for the fantastic photo session! I was dreading it but the experience was totally comfortable! I felt completely at ease and LOVED the photos! They turned out amazing! I can’t wait to see my boyfriend’s face when he gets them! Thanks again for helping me put together an amazing gift for my man!” -FV

“I have been married for ten years and it seemed like a fun way to spice things up and get my hubby a really fun and memorable gift. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was very timid at first. Leah really helped me to focus on the “good angles” and try to have fun and relax. Leah has a way of being really respectful and calm. She never made me feel uneasy or out of place. I think the portraits are beautiful and very unique. I hope he likes them too!” -Laura

” I wanted to do something really special for my husband for Christmas because I have lost 150 pounds over the last year. My portrait session was a blast. I went with friends and we all had a great time getting ready and then doing our individual shoots. It was very laid back and so much fun. Leah is extremely professional and very good at helping you pose in the most flattering position for your body. The entire experience has renewed my self confidence!! I LOVED my photos, and I never thought I would. I actually cried tears of joy because I was just astounded at how beautiful I felt after seeing them. I can’t say thank you enough to Leah for taking such amazing photos!!” -Jamala

“My portraits make me feel good about myself. Leah, you did a great job enhancing my assets and helping me hide aspects of my body that I am uncomfortable with. I don’t usually like photos of myself but these are great. Also,I couldn’t believe how much fun it was to have portraits taken! You were very professional, you communicate really well – I always knew what to do and I felt completely comfortable the whole time.” -Anne

“I had been thing about it for a while. I thought it was something my husband would enjoy and be empowering for me.
I loved doing the boudoir photography session. It was refreshing to feel girly. And I love my pictures! I can’t wait to show my husband.” -Susan

“I decided to take my boudoir portraits to “get my sexy back.” Like many woman, life can get in the way of making and taking time for yourself….I was starting to feel in a rut. I always liked hamming it up for the camara, and hoped that a sexy photo shoot would jump start my ambition to get back on the right track and feel good about myself. I looooved my experience!!!!! I really wasn’t very nervous about the shoot itself (I’m not very shy), but was concerned about how to pose and what to do in front of the camera…Leah made me feel so comfortable, and really guided me through every pose (body and face). She listened to my ideas and incorporated all that I wanted to do, but also provided great instruction to get the most out of my session. I can’t wait to do it again! I am ecstatic about my portraits!!! I was hoping at least to have one or two that I really liked (after all we are our own worst critics), but did not expect that I would have so many that I loved! They all look amazing; and although I think I am a cute gal, it was Leah’s expertise and camera work that really made me shine. I am so thankful! The portraits really gave me a confidence boost and I feel pretty good about myself right now. Goal accomplished :-) Leah, thank you so much! I really did have a great time today, and have been beaming the rest of the day. I cannot wait to get my potraits and do another shoot! I have a list of ideas :-) ” -Courtney

“My best friend had boudoir portraits done in February, and Heather’s experience spurred me to try it. Her pictures turned out spectacular. I was so impressed I had to do it too. She also mentioned just how awesome you were. She said you were so laid back you completely forget you’re standing there in front of a virtual stanger in your underwear. The entire experience was too awesome. My sister and I made this an entire day. We went to Cat for our hair and make up…which was also amazing…and then went for pictures. It was such a great time. One of those experiences that lets you just feel sexy. You were so great. It didn’t feel uncomfortable or awkward. For a person who is incredibly critical about the way my body looks in pictures I was so surprised I didn’t have much to be critical about. You shot my pictures at great angles and I absolutely loved how they turned out. I can’t wait to get them! :D Thank you so much for the experience. We really did have the best time! :) ” -Kenda

“I have a 14 month old baby and I have been very slowly losing baby weight. My husband tells me every day that I look better today than the day he married me. So I decided why not now? My good friend had boudoir portraits taken a few months ago and loved her experience. My session was wonderful!! I rarely take time out for ME and I definitely loved getting my hair and makeup done. Even though I wanted to do this for my husband, I feel like it helped me and my self esteem I didn’t think I would be SOOO comfortable and at ease, but it was very laid back. I was very happy with how my pictures turned out!!! My husband is going to be even happier!! He has a pretty hot wife!! :) ” -Denise

“I wanted to thank you for my session today!  I’ve spent a lot of time obsessing over how my body used to look before my health problems started a few years ago and it was taking a toll on the intimate side of my relationship.  I hoped boudoir portraits would bring me out of my ‘funk” and open up an appreciation for who I am today.  In one afternoon, you helped me bring my sexy back and for that I am very grateful.  When my boyfriends gets the photos for his birthday, he’ll be pleasantly surprised and wowed!  The pictures are wonderful!  It was hard to narrow them down!  While I don’t envy models, I am glad to have been one for a while today!  I loved the experience so much I think I may try it again before my 40th birthday!  I will definitely sing your praises to my friends and encourage them to sign up for a session!  Thanks again!  Latrice”

“I did it as a surprise 10th anniversary gift for my husband, and truth be told, for myself as well. I love boudoir photography and had considered a session of my own for a few years now. I’m so glad I did this! My husband is going to flip when he sees my portraits. My experience was wonderful. I didn’t feel as self-conscious as I thought I would, and Leah worked so well with me covering a “problem area” for me, yet keeping the look sensual, evocative and even playful. I’m thrilled. Excited. Surprised. Proud. I love the poses. The way Leah directed me to sit, stand, turn or look a certain way really captured me at my beautiful best. Thank you!!” -Chris

“I decided to have my boudoir portraits taken because I wanted to have a keepsake to share with my husband for the rest of our lives. My experience was great. I felt very comfortable and relaxed through the entire process. My portraits looked amazing. I was so impressed with the results. I only wished I could purchase all of them. Thank you so much Leah! It was a pleasure!” -Laurie

“I have always wanted to get boudoir photos taken, but have been too scared to do it. I decided to suck it up and give it a try for a birthday gift for my husband, and I am so glad that I did. My experience was great. I was nervous when I got there but that all went away quickly. Leah made me feel very comfortable and she did a great job hiding my “problem areas.” My husband and I love the photos. They turned out better than I could have imagined. I have never felt as sexy or beautiful in my entire life!” -Shallon

“I have really always wanted to do a photo shoot like this, but I mainly did it for my fiance for Valentine’s Day. I think he will be SO surprised and will LOVE the pics! The experience was AMAZING!!! Leah, you were so awesome and made me feel so comfortable, even in those “uncomfortable” moments. Thank you for your knowledge and your professionalism. You made me look and feel like a real pinup girl! I love my portraits! I wish I could have bought more. I couldn’t be happier with how beautiful they turned out!”  -Jonna


Dear Leah,
I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful time my husband and I had during our session. It was certainly one of our best Valentine dates ever!  I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have liked a photo of myself. Your guidance helped me to feel relaxed and at ease, and I believe that helped the photos to turn out so well.
Sincerely,  Shannon


“My overall boudoir portrait experience was AMAZING!!  I came into it a nervous wreck and ready to back out but Leah made it a very easy going, comfortable environment where I could easily be myself!! She gave easy directions and made it me really feel like a “model”! It was one of the best picture experiences I have ever had! My pictures were gorgeous! I was so self conscious about my body after having a baby and Leah posed me with the most flattering poses and did an amazing job on the touch ups! I never thought I could look that way and I wanted every picture! ” -Stephanie


“Initially I wanted to the boudoir photos as a Valentines gift for my boyfriend. But it turned into something I wanted to do for myself too.  I had a BLAST!! I’ve already told all my friends to do it, even just for themselves. I’ts a total confidence booster.  I feel so SEXY after seeing my pictures! I might even be out of my boyfriend’s league lol! Loved feeling like a super model, even with my curvy post-baby body.” -Nikki


“Thanks again for a great time!  I decided to have the session done as a gift for my hardworking husband.   I knew when I saw your site this would be a gift he would never want to return.  I was nervous about the shoot, but you made me feel so comfortable with great music & step by step directions for the poses.  I was also a little skeptical of having my images projected on a wall, but the slideshow was so cool.  The images were beyond my expectations, you really know how to pose a girl with curves!  I can’t wait to see my husband’s reaction.”  -Emily


“The photos are mainly a gift to my husband for our 10th wedding anniversary.  But I have been working hard to lose weight and firm up and this was a little reward for myself as well.  I had a fabulous time!  I was very apprehensive and my anxiety even kept me awake the whole night before.  There was no need to worry…Leah put me at ease the minute I walked in the door.  I honestly didn’t feel self conscious during a moment of my session.   I was amazed at how many shots I liked.  I never assumed I’d have enough photos to fill a book, but I was wrong.  You really captured me in a way that I didn’t think was possible.  Thanks, Leah!” -Laura


“I was trying to find a creative Valentines Day gift for my boyfriend. He is a big fan of pin up art and I thought some racy pictures of me would be something he would enjoy.   I thought I might be a bit nervous and awkward but it went great.  I had a good time and your clear and direct guidance to get in just the right spot was appreciated. The pictures turned out really good. There were more to choose from then I had expected as I feel like I am the most unphotogenic person on the planet, really. I would recommend you to any of my friends who might want to have a boudoir session.  Thank you again Leah! I had a fun experience.” -Niki


“On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience would absolutely be a 10.  Leah was fun to be around and I felt completely comfortable with her and her ideas during my shoot.  I love my portraits!  I couldn’t believe it was me in the pictures.  Leah did a great job of choosing poses that are flattering to the figure and show the best assets.  She made me feel five pounds lighter in the pictures….greatly appreciated!” -Kelly
“I want to thank you again for taking the pics today.  I had a GREAT time and truly felt beautiful and sexy!  The experience was so much easier than I was expecting; you made the shoot comfortable and easy, and I enjoyed every minute.  The pictures you took looked amazing and I was surprised it was really me!  Pretty sure you have a magic wand hidden in that studio.  :) ”  -Sarah


“My experience with Leah was great.  As a mother of two, my body’s not quite what it used to be.  However, I was surpisingly comfortable during the entire photo shoot.  My portraits were excellent.  I was amazed how Leah was able to capture my best features.  After doing boudoir portraits, I think every woman should try it!”  -Emily


“My experience was great today!  I loved that not only did you have great ideas for poses but you were completely open to the pics and ideas I brought with me.  You were decisive and able to explain how to pose and it made for a relaxing and fun experience.  The portraits turned out better than I hoped.  Lots of variety and they turned out so good.  I’ve been texting all my girlfriends this afternoon telling them that they need to have boudoir pics of their very own.  Don’t change a thing.  Thanks so much!”  -Rachael


“My session experience was like none other that I’ve ever had.  I had no idea what to expect and you are a complete professional with an amazing eye for beautiful photography.  These portraits are a birthday gift for my husband, and this is truly an unbelievable gift for the man who has everything :) You made me feel so comfortable the entire time, the poses you had me in were described so well, and you were so helpful in choosing outfits.  It was quite a drive for me, but totally worth it.  I was shocked when we viewed my photographs at the beauty and quality.  I was so surprised that I still look like this!  My husband is going to be thrilled when he sees them and I can’t wait to give the photos to him for his birthday.  You obviously know exactly what you are doing, your studio is beautiful, and the photos are breathtaking.  Choosing individual photographs was definitely a challenge!”  -Abby


“My overall experience was great!  I thought you were very professional and I appreciate the direction that you gave.  Since I have not done one of these before it was nice to guided into he perfected poses.   I love my portraits!  I think they turned out beautifully and I can’t wait to give them to husband!  I like that they were tastefully done and that I would feel comfortable showing them to others.”  -Angela


“I was very nervous when I made the appointment. I had never done anything remotely like this before.   When I walked in, I felt immediately comfortable.  Leah helped me with the final touches so my outfits look the best.  I told her the areas of my body I wasn’t comfortable showing and she had great poses and angles to help hide it.  Leah also did a great job highlighting all of my assets. The entire session was very light and fun.  It was a great way to spend a day off. Leah had the slide show of pictures ready to review quickly after we were done.  She put the first one up and I thought “wow, that chic is hot. Oh wait, that’s me!”   All of them turned out beyond great.  It was so much fun to go through them and narrow them down to my favorites.  I can’t wait to show them to my boyfriend! “  -Stacy


“Leah, I had an absolutely fabulous time today! I was a bit apprehensive heading in but you made me comfortable. I LOVED the shots! You have a fabulous eye and was able to capture me in a very flattering way. That really helps the esteem of a 50 year old! Thanks so much.” -Linda

“I was a bit nervous going into the session thinking about getting down to my skivvies to take a picture, but you did such a great job making me feel so relaxed and comfortable that it didn’t really occur to me I was in my undies taking pictures. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or awkward one time during the session. You were very professional with me but still really laid back and fun! It was a great overall experience and something I would recommend to anyone who wants to surprise their loved one with a fun picture or just wants some nice pictures of themselves looking their best. I love my pictures!! I wish I would have spent a little bit more time in front of the mirror practicing/learning what my face feels like when it’s in the different poses so I could have done more of my “practiced” expressions but overall I think they were fantastic and I know my husband will love them too! I can’t wait see my husbands face when he sees them! -Keavy

“I had a wonderful time during my boudoir portrait session. The experience was laid back and I felt completely comfortable and at home in the studio. Leah is a woman’s woman–she’s warm and friendly, and she knows exactly what to do to help you conquer your insecurities and feel incredibly hot! I have to say, my portraits definitely exceeded my expectations. Leah anticipated all my concerns, which made me immediately confident in her abilities. I went into my session expecting to be satisfied with the results, but I didn’t think I’d love them as much as I do! I’m thrilled and I can’t wait to share them with my husband. I am still in awe that you made me look that good in my underwear!” - Nicole

“I was impressed with the artful nature of the poses that Leah directed. I felt confident and comfortable in the studio. I adored my photos! I so appreciate your professionalism and experience in this type on photo shoot. Thank you again for an awesome experience.” -Jaime

“My session was amazing! Leah was so professional and creative! I had so much fun dressing and felt so sexy! I know my future husband will LOVE these pictures! It was so hard to narrow them down. There were so many to choose from! I loved them all! Thanks Leah for the Haute Mama photo session! ” -Heather

“My boudoir portrait experience was excellent. I had always been interested in having boudoir photos taken but hadn’t actually done it. I was a little nervous at first but within a few minutes of arriving and meeting Leah I began to relax and after the first few photos were taken I was completely at ease and enjoying myself! I had never had an experience that made me feel as glamorous as this did. I never once felt uncomfortable during the entire session and just had an amazing time! My portraits were amazing! I’ve always been a person to find something to hate about every picture taken of me but I’ve just wanted to show these to all my friends. They are more than i could have ever expected them to be.” -Kaitlynn

“I usually think of myself as wife, mom, and physician and in that order.  ”Racy photo model” doesn’t even cross the radar.  So, having a whole afternoon to hang out with Leah in an empty house and have pictures taken was a real departure from the ordinary!  Leah made me feel stunning and we had such a blast.  I would have enjoyed the process even if there weren’t any pictures that came out of it.  But, what do you know, she’s an amazing photographer, too!

My husband loves our portraits, especially the ones where I have a big stupid grin on my face like I’ve got a really good secret to tell.”   -Jen

“I had so much fun doing this photo session.  As a busy mom, I wanted to do something that made me feel sexy and confident, something that would make a great gift for my husband.  I totally felt comfortable and at ease with Leah’s expertise.  I would recommend this to any woman of any age.”  -JoAnne

“I’ve always been the one who is willing to try new things and experiences so when the idea of a boudoir photo shoot came up amongst us girlfriends I thought ‘why not’? Leah had previously done some gorgeous work for our family during the holidays so I both trusted and respected her work..a must for this intimate of a production! It turned out to be one of the most fun and memorable days I have had in a long time! As a mother to twin 19 month olds and their big 5 year old brother, it’s not that often that I get that much pure “me” time to feel both sexy and like the “woman” that came before. Leah accomplished both of those with ease, professionalism and comfort. I giggled, smiled, found a sultry side while bonding with my girlfriends and ended up walking away with some amazing pictures to showcase what an amazing day it was. Thank You Leah!”  -Cassandra

“My husband’s birthday is coming up and once again I was left with the question, “what do I get a man who has everything?”  I decided to go “outside the box” this year.  After researching ideas on the internet, I thought about boudoir pictures!  I had visited several different boudoir photograph sites to get some ideas and knew that I wanted something that was tastefully done and sexy without being too racy.  I am a “plain Jane” who rarely wears makeup and often wears a ponytail so I knew this was going to be an adventure for me.  Our family has used Leah for years and has always been thrilled and many times left speechless with the results, so I knew that she was the right photographer for my boudoir portrait session.  Feeling a little insecure, Leah prepared me in advance as to what to expect, ideas for outfits, hair and makeup.  As always, she made me feel EXTREMELY comfortable during the photo session.  I am a mother of a 5 year old, and as mom’s know, it is easy to lose ourselves in our kids.  It’s not easy to find time to dress up and feel sexy!  Leah not only made me feel sexy, but she was able to bring out a side of me that was fun and flirty!  I highly recommend setting some time aside and doing this for yourself.  It will not only make you feel great about yourself, I am sure it will be the best gift your husband or partner has ever received!” -Julie

“Before my session I was nervous and didn’t really know what to expect.  But Leah made the session 100% comfortable!  I was not the least bit embarrassed or shy. She did an amazing job of making me feel beautiful in my own skin!  The whole session was comfortable and felt natural, she did not ask me to do anything that I was not completely comfortable with.  It was a great experience that I would recommend to ANY woman!  My photos turned out even better than I imagined.  Every woman is critical of her own body, but Leah captured everything so perfectly that I fell in love with the photos!  Leah has an extremely classy take on boudoir photo.” -Rachael

“I’m a mom of 3…which probably explains why I’m rarely seen in a photo.  This played a big part in my desire to try out a photo shoot.  Plus, I had full confidence that Leah would make me feel comfortable and most importantly look great!  I must confess that I have never had my hair or makeup done for any kind of photo (including my wedding).  Wow!  What a difference it makes in changing both your appearance and attitude.  It gave me the confidence to step into a character that I never knew I could be.  I am so happy with my photos and I think my husband would agree.  Every woman owes it to themselves to feel beautiful and special, if just for a few hours.  The images will last a lifetime!”  -Jen

“I had a great time working with Leah during this photo shoot!  I Thought I’d be nervous, but it was nothing but fun!  Leah’s experience as a photographer shows in her work, but her professionalism during and AFTER the shoot were also very comforting, considering the intimate nature of these photos.  Leah is a wife and mother herself, and understands that while TRUE beauty comes from INSIDE, real women with real lives still deserve some time, here or there, to feel  extra special.  I think taking some time out to do this for yourself or as a gift for your husband or partner, is a great idea!  Its a win/win for everyone, and Leah is the photographer to choose.” -Liz

“I decided this would be a great gift for my soon-to-be husband! We are getting married in June, and so I will sneak him the pictures somehow before our ceremony. My boudoir portrait session was really fun! I was intrigued by Leah’s crafty studio space, and that in itself made it more comfortable for me. I was a bit stiff at first but Leah is just such a fun person that it started so feel natural. And I love my portraits. They are great. I don’t usually wear makeup, and so getting that done beforehand made me feel a lot more confident. Leah has a very traditional photographic style so the focus is always on me. It felt very personable. I definitely bought more coming out that I was planning for coming in! Thank you for the session Leah.” -Amber

“I had a wonderful experience!!!! I had boudoir portraits done because I said I would do something like that before I was 30…. A ‘thirty list’ to – do! My experience was fun, flirty and so comfortable! Thank you again! I think we are all our own worst critics… That being said… I LOVE the final product!!!! I will definitely be referring you to my friends! What a great experience!” -Rachael

“Hi Leah! It was a lot of fun, thanks for making it so easy and comfortable! I decided to have portraits taken because I wanted to do something special for myself to celebrate my graduation from graduate school–And to have something to look back at when I’m older to remember how hot I was, when I was young. The overall experience was fantastic. You really made me feel comfortable; although I was fairly nervous going into the session, I ended up having a blast. You have a great eye for composition and a great studio space, and I’m really glad that I splurged on this experience. Also Cat Tidwell was a great recommendation for hair and makeup, I’m really happy with how those two aspects added to the overall experience.The portraits turned out great, and I can’t wait to see the finished photos!! (I’m glad it was only a 30-minute session, I had a hard enough time just narrowing the photos down from the 40 or so that we looked at–A longer session would have made it much tougher, I think!) Thanks again, Leah! I’ll definitely be recommending you to my girlfriends who are looking for something fun and sexy to do for themselves! :)

“I did not know this opportunity existed until I came across the Haute Mama website. This seemed like a wonderful gift for my husband that would keep on giving as well as a self confidence boost for me. For over a decade my attire has been scrubs and tennis shoes so to have a chance to feel beautiful and sexy then I had to take it! And then…why not? How did I feel about the session? Absolutely nerve racking at first but after the first few photos I felt much more at ease. By the end of the photo session I did not want to stop as the photo ideas kept coming up. My husband said it best “I feel like a kid getting ready to walk into the biggest candy store ever!” I am already planning ideas for the next portrait session.” -Robyn

“I decided to get boudoir photos taken for selfish reasons mainly, to feel young and sexy before babies, stretch marks, or old age sink in. I hope my boyfriend will also enjoy them, but he says he finds me attractive no matter what I’m wearing! I think it’s fun to feel like a lingerie model for a day, since we are constantly bombarded with images of half naked women, why can’t we also show off? Now that it’s over, I do want to do it again later in life, just to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin and make myself stay in shape. I had fun at the photo session, I felt very comfortable and confident with Leah. Leah has a good system to get a lot of great shots quickly, and knows how to highlight your curves. Besides thinking that I should have sucked in my stomach on some of the shots, they all turned out beautifully! It was hard to choose my favorite photos. They look soft, elegant, and sexy. Thanks Leah!” -Jenna

“I did the shoot to do something special for my husband. He was always asking me for “sexy” pictures. Although it ended up being more for me…a way to mark my “big” 4-0! The experience was awesome. You made me feel so comfortable! I was a little worried that I would feel too self conscious but I didn’t. Thanks! The portraits exceeded my expectations. They were amazing. I can hardly believe that’s me! Thanks you.” -Darcy

“I decided to get pictures taken because I wanted a fun gift for my husband before we have children. One day when I am saggy and old, I want to remember how hot I looked! I had a great time working with Leah. She was very helpful with positioning and making me feel at ease. I didn’t know what to expect, but I had a great time. I can’t wait to get my pictures. They are gorgeous, and I will spread the word about my fun experience!” -Jennifer!

“You are such a talented photographer and have a knack for making a gal feel extremely comfortable! I was so nervous about having these pictures taken to the point I was shaking when I pulled into your driveway. You put me at ease right away and moved so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to feel self conscience about being in my panties in front of a total stranger! :) I was amazed at how many pictures I LOVED, and I was actually kind of sad when it was over! It was nice doing something that was all about me and I am so happy I came out of my comfort zone so I could capture this time in my life in a unique way! Thanks again for everything and I have a feeling my husband will be sending a thank you of his own when he gets his birthday gift! :) ” -Stacey

“I had a great experience during the whole portrait session. I felt completely comfortable and at ease with Leah. She really makes you feel like your just hanging out with a girlfriend and taking cute pictures. I really love the way my portraits turned out! Obviously many women have hang ups about their own bodies, but after this experience it really makes you love the way you are. It was hard to narrow done all the pictures because there were so many to choose from and they all looked great.” -Sara

“I decided to get my portraits taken because I needed to feel a little less mommy and a little more like a hot, sexy wife. With 2 kiddos under the age of 2, my husband and I don’t get a lot of time to be anything but parents. We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and I thought the time was right to get all dolled up and have some fun!
I was a little nervous on my way to the studio but it all vanished the moment I walked thru the doors. Having the boudoir photos taken is so far out my comfort box, I was worried I would look awkward in the photos. I was completely wrong, and felt very relaxed. The time flew by so quickly because I was having so much fun. Before, during and after the boudoir photo session, I could tell I felt and looked great just by my posture and the giddy smile on my face. I love how all of my photos turned out! I am snowy white pale, but the portraits really look great with my skin tone. I cannot wait to sneak the little black book with my photos into my husband’s grab bag for the fire department. It will be such a nice surprise for him when he settles in for the night. I know he’ll love them too and wonder where all the confidence and outfits are when he gets home! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! I will recommend my friends add a boudoir portrait session to thier “to-do” both for themselves and their spouse!” -Heather

“Leah,  I cannot thank you enough for the portrait session. I expected to feel terrible about the way I look but you made me feel beautiful and not ashamed of size.  I know my fiancé is going to love this!  What a wedding present. ” -Michelle

“I wanted to have my photos done for my hubby for our 31st Wedding Anniversary! I believe a woman should do as much as she can to keep her hubby intrigued and totally keep him amazed! I enjoyed my session very much ! I really wish I could have had a little more time though! I think my portraits were wonderful! Thank you so much for your talents.” -Becky