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Sarah | Indianapolis Boudoir Photography


Christmas Pictures | Indianapolis Boudoir Photography

Hi Ho everyone! Seems like everyone’s getting the same idea in the last day or two, “Boudoir Portraits would make a FANTASTIC Christmas gift!” While I can’t disagree, I need to let you know that we only have 2 or 3 sessions left next week that will get your boudoir pictures back in time for holiday gift giving. But don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Thanks – and Happy Shopping! :) Leah

Sarah | Indianapolis Boudoir Photography

Loved waking up to this email: “Leah, I got my pics. Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness. Sakes!!!! I love you!!!!! Seriously….pics are great. Thank you! Sarah” You’re welcome Sarah!

Don’t you DARE get him another tie…

…for Father’s Day.  It’s still 8 weeks away – plenty of time for you to put together a present he’ll NEVER forget.  Book your boudoir photography session for Father’s Day by calling the studio at 317-867-3723.  Cheers!Boudoir Photography Nicole

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Family Portraits | Indianapolis

Portrait Photographer Indianapolis

People often ask, “Leah, is this the only type of photography you do?” So, just for the record, you should know that I do photograph people with their clothes on. :) To visit our family, baby and senior photography website, click here. Thanks!

Boudoir Photography Indianapolis | Catching up

lingerie photography indianapolisBoudoir photography in Indianapolis Heatherboudoir portrait guitar kim So I have to confess, I’m just a little behind on my boudoir photography blogging. We’ve been super busy in the studio, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. I feel like cupid, helping so many women create the perfect gift for their guys. So here are just a few recent boudoir portraits that I wanted to share with you. To see more Indianapolis boudoir photography, click here.

A Little Love | Indianapolis Boudoir Photography

Kym was in recently to do a boudoir session and sent me this sweet little note afterwards. I love my job!

“Leah – You so rock, lady…I’m gonna sing your praises to anyone that cares to listen. You really make a potentially uncomfortable experience something warm, fun and wonderful. We will always remember our date with you as one of our truly treasured memories together – we’ll not only have the pictures for a remembrance, but the experience as well!”

Sweet Little “Thank You” | Indianapolis Boudoir Photography

Got this sweet little note last night from Latrice, who stopped by the portrait studio yesterday for her boudoir portrait session:

“I wanted to thank you for my session today!  I’ve spent a lot of time obsessing over how my body used to look before my health problems started a few years ago and it was taking a toll on the intimate side of my relationship.  I hoped boudoir portraits would bring me out of my ‘funk” and open up an appreciation for who I am today.  In one afternoon, you helped me bring my sexy back and for that I am very grateful.  When my boyfriends gets the photos for his birthday, he’ll be pleasantly surprised and wowed!  The pictures are wonderful!  It was hard to narrow them down!  While I don’t envy models, I am glad to have been one for a while today!  I loved the experience so much I think I may try it again before my 40th birthday!  I will definitely sing your praises to my friends and encourage them to sign up for a session!  Thanks again!  Latrice

Hey Latrice – so glad I could help you get your mojo back.  Can’t wait to hear what your guy thinks about your portraits!  ;)


Boudoir Before & After | Renee

I just LOVE before and after pictures, don’t you? Wonderful how hot we can look when we really put the time and effort into it, and focus a bit on ourselves. Here’s what Renee had to say about her boudoir photography session:

“As much as turning 40 didn’t bother me I figured I better get around to doing those things I’ve wanted to do but haven’t yet. So every year I pick a few things and do them. I’m comfortable in my own skin and know I can look sexy. Feeling sexy is another thing all together different. So in stead of being behind the lens and asking others to give me a pose, I turned it on myself. I did it to give something HOT to my hubby, remind myself that I’m not just a “mom” and to remember not to forget my wild side!

The shoot was a lot of fun! I felt relaxed, which I didn’t know if I would be. Having not done anything like this before, the atmosphere was inviting and your demeanor was perfect. I didn’t feel out of my element or uncomfortable during any part of it.

The pictures I love them. There are some HOT shots!! lol It was interesting and eye opening to see myself in a completely different light than I
see myself most of the time. They made me smile about who I am. So thank you for that. : )

You’re welcome Renee! Glad we could help bring out your sexy!
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Boudoir Photography Mentoring/Workshop

I had a great time during a day-long boudoir photography mentoring session with Deeann. Want to learn the tricks of the trade, from marketing to photographing to proofing and sales? Email me or call me at 317-867-3723.